About Me

Hi, I’m Chris Smith. I live in San Francisco, California and do software, startup and mindfulness things.

I’m an engineering manager at Uber, having joined the company as an engineer in 2014. In my time at Uber, I’ve worked in the data engineering and developer experience organizations, where I’ve built real-time data infrastructure, microservices, developer frameworks and data visualization tools, contributing individually and leading teams at the technical and managerial levels. Prior to Uber, I was a full-stack and operations engineer at Circa, and lead software developer at Gremlin Social.

My educational background in computer science consists of a B.S. (2010) and M.S. (2011) with an emphasis in distributed systems from Webster University. I also hold a B.A in psychology, completed in 2003. Before college, I attended St. Louis Priory School.

Areas of my expertise and interest in the industry include:

  • Distributed systems and databases
  • Data engineering, infrastructure and real-time analytics
  • Architecture, frameworks and scalable engineering practices
  • Mentorship, management, personal and organizational growth
  • Machine learning and natural language processing

I also develop and maintain several open-source software projects.

I am a Buddhist and daily practitioner of meditation. While at Uber, I founded and grew a cross-company meditation and mindfulness practice group, and research the effects of mindfulness in the workplace. I have a particular interest in the intersection of mind and technology, and in how we can build software products with healthier iteraction patterns and more positive impacts on society and culture.

When not working, I can usually be found writing code, reading books, taking classes, meditating, practicing yoga, watching Netflix or playing computer games. I gravitate towards history, science fiction, psychology and philosophy. I also enjoy travelling whenever possible, recently taking a 3-month trip to Asia in 2016, visiting Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.